About Us

R A MAXEY AND ASSOCIATES had its beginning around 1989 when its founder, Randall A. Maxey, saw his first CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting) system in technical school. When the instructor was able to show how you could draw lines, arcs, and circles on a computer screen, he was hooked.

Mr. Maxey quickly became proficient and developed an expertise using AutoCAD, one of the first CAD programs designed for a personal computer, the IBM PC. Soon he was teaching others, including engineers and architects how to use this powerful program. He started his firm to provide CAD services to local engineers and architects.

As his expertise became known around the U.S., Maxey authored, co-authored, and served as technical editor for several CAD and computer-related books published by New Riders Publishing, then a division of Macmillan.

Maxey became a CAD instructor for several CAD dealers in Ohio. He also was instrumental in consulting with architectural and engineering firms to set up and manage their CAD departments. He implemented office graphical and procedural standards for CAD drawings and managed network systems.

Maxey’s expertise in automating CAD systems led to developing several utility programs for CAD operators to increase CAD efficiency in drawing production. In 1996, he collaborated with a structural engineering firm to develop design, CAD, and manufacturing automation software for a major manufacturer of cell phone towers and poles. The software reduced the time from receipt of a sales order to manufacturing from weeks to hours.

Maxey has always had a love of woodworking and currently serves as an editor for two woodworking publications. He has melded his woodworking interest and CAD experience most recently in developing a thorough knowledge of SketchUP. You can view several of his SketchUP models here. He also manages and writes for several blogs. His woodworking blogs can be found at MiniMaxWorkshop.com and CherryRidgeWoodworks.com.

Mr. Maxey is also a contributor to several woodworking magazines including Woodsmith, WOOD Magazine, and Furniture & Cabinetmaking. He has also authored or co-authored the following woodworking books:

The experience and knowledge R A MAXEY AND ASSOCIATES has acquired over the last several decades can be put to use in your organization. We can analyze data flow within your company and implement a plan to maximize efficiency and reduce redundancy. Contact us (by filling out the form below) to see how we might make your business even better.